Em-Body the Change

Em-body the ChangeEm-body the Change We Seek in the World is a r-evolutionary new approach toward facilitating social change. New systems of economy, justice and governance that respect, rather than exploit, life must arise from outside our current worldview. We are birthing a new world via an embodied evolution of heart and mind.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” ~ Albert Einstein

We’re converging 20 years of personal and spiritual transformation
process with what we’ve gleaned this past year by hosting world-wide conversations on social change through Occupy Cafe. There is one challenge, voiced over and over, that we’re meeting head-on. Working collaboratively has proven to be an enormous challenge, not just for people with oppositional ideologies, but among like-minded people. People and organizations that could benefit tremendously from greater synergy. The challenges are more drastic when we cross sectors, political parties and cultural borders of all kinds.

We need to vastly increase our collaboration capacity to make the changes we seek in the world.
And it’s going to take a creative blend of light and shadow work to get there.

Many of you have spent decades working on how to be more skillful in personal relationships and align with your purpose in life.
We’re at a new threshold. It’s time to go to a new level in collective relationship, in our communities, locally and at large. For us to have the collective impact we need to make large-scale sustainable changes, we must actualize new levels of cooperation and synergy. We’ve already begun and…we could really use a boost. Time is challenging us to step up, to be creative and push the envelope with new ways of being, thinking and taking action.

This sacred healing journey
of leaders, facilitators, activists, change agents and transformation artists
is a unique and innovative pathway to evolve ourselves, our vision and our planet. Em-body the Change is one facet of a collective, evolutionary process that has launched within humanity, and will continue to strengthen and unfold over time.

To be clear, this is not a substitute for organizing and direct action.
However, without this inner change, our missions to change our world will be extra difficult to fulfill. In fact, without inner change, outer changes ultimately backtrack to old ways. We will, however, be tapping in to the collective field to access possibilities for innovative and creative solutions outside the box of our current world views.

The great news is that our original human
design gives us unlimited capacity to connect and function together as a powerful, coherent whole. Furthermore, this time in history supports the emergence of our wholeness at a radical new level. The key to allowing this emergence lies in re-membering how to rebuild and use the bridge between our body and mind, matter and spirit—remembering how to use the magnificent instrument that is our “cor”— our heart.

Healing our society and our planet
must occur within, as well as through conscious, social action. All outer conditions and circumstances reflect our deeper internal relationship with ourselves.

“In order to be the change, we must embody it.” ~ Jitendra

Jitendra’s particular expertise is understanding how to integrate and heal this personal and collective gap between body, mind and spirit. With this in mind, as a sacred circle we will:

  • Learn multi-layered, embodied meditation that restores limbic function
  • Learn to shift from Instinctual Fear mode to Love mode at will
  • Disarm extreme personal & collective polarities that fuel conflict and divisiveness
  • Generate a Core Empathic Field together, to support our collective vision [Core Awakening Heartwork]

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