There’s no such thing as a negative emotion.

Emotional Stress
The Universe is guided by a higher intelligence, a higher power.

Because you cannot fathom a reason why, does not leave an event without meaning.

This is always true of our human experiences.  Even the most random seeming acts are organized at a higher level though we may refute, refuse or simply fail to acknowledge or understand their purpose.

There’s no such thing as a negative emotion.

Only outside of Love and understanding does emotion appear negative, for every emotion has a positive purpose to be fulfilled.

The world of emotions presents the greatest challenge to our human existence.  Emotion connects us, bonds us and drives us apart.  Emotions compel us to both care and to harm.   They at once represent the highest and lowest expressions on the scale of our evolutional development.

Without Love, emotions can certainly have a drastic and cataclysmic impact on our lives.  So much so, that we have collectively and categorically determined that certain emotions themselves are negative.  Anger, sadness, shame…how could these emotions not be negative?  After all, prolonged exposure with these emotions can, in fact, destroy one’s health.  I, personally, was impacted severely by uncontrolled anger as a child through emotional, mental and physical abuse.  How could I say these emotions are not negative?

Dalai LamaIn order to resurrect myself from those childhood traumas I had to overcome fear and judgment of anger and shame.  Diving deeply, undefended, protected only by Love, thirsty in my awareness, I discovered a beauty and power latent within the tremors of emotional upheaval.  I discovered the gift each emotion offers when fully presenced with warm, embodied Love.  Ultimately it’s freedom in ecstasy!

There are no negative emotions.  Only a treasure trove of energy, creativity, empowerment and freedom.  And peace.  Always a deep restful relief and release of pressure into a boundless connection within and without.

The journey is in the dance, the awakening, the mastery of engaging one’s heart and one’s Love in the face of a storm.  The mastery lies in embodying compassion for your own human experience.  I call this journey Core Awakening.  Compassion for all others spontaneously follows. ~ ALOHA

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  1. Sebastian March 7, 2013 at 4:23 am #

    Thanks for sharing your perspective and insights on these topics. I really like it and see it as a reflection of my own insights and realization.


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