Relax into Intimacy

IntimacyIntimacy can provide unmatched satisfaction and fulfillment in connection with others.

Then why fear it?

What is the cost of opening?  Is the risk real or imagined?

What is this fear of Love at close range, actually?

’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

How delicious to relax into intimacy. When faith, trust and loving relationship converge, there is an opening to profoundly expand connection with your s/Self and another.

Beautiful and profound words…and true!

So then why do you suppose those occasions exist when people would rather have their fingernails plucked than open their hearts? What is the harm, actually, in allowing oneself to feel needed, or riskier yet, to feel in need?

This is a dilemma faced by more people than you may think.  In fact, even those with sophisticated psychological and spiritual insight are not immune to the challenge of letting go to intimacy.

As a child of abuse, intimacy was the most trying challenge of my life.  However, by way of bridging these gaps inside myself, I have gained a detailed understanding of how to navigate this territory in order to share it in a clear and understandable way to others.

Intimacy, at its core, is sharing of one’s self with another.  The more loving, open and aware, the deeper and more satisfying the intimacy.  That awareness, of course, must always start with yourself.  Herein lies both the problem and the solution.

The foundation of intimacy rests on your Love, respect and acceptance for yourself.  This is not new information.  What remains less understood, is how to bring loving awareness into the most protected, non-conscious dimensions of one’s being where the least Love resides.  The depth of loving contact and safety you desire from intimacy with another must begin with knowing how to meet the depth and breadth of your self, unconditionally in Love.

Intimacy is a moment-to-moment embrace of a multidimensional unfolding of conscious awareness in relationship to the sensory exchange with your immediate and at-large environment, whether alone or in union with another.  Intimacy is based on your capacity to remain present with, and integrate, feelings which include emotion.

As you meet and integrate hidden aspects of your self that have been held out of Love,  you truly begin to let go, open and relax into your own skin at increasingly deeper levels.  Relax into your skin, relax into intimacy.

I can’t imagine anything worth risking more than my heart.  In truth, it’s no risk at all.


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