Got Contact? How touching…

Jitendra and Pia

“One of the greatest desires humans possess is the desire for connection.

The secret to fulfilling this desire for connection has to do with the quality of contact you have with your self.

What does “contact” with your self actually mean — and what is “quality” contact?

~ Jitendra

Our human bodies are designed for contact and yet it is, both, what people seek most AND fear most.  Why the great mystery and challenge?

People long for contact through intimate relationships,  yet it can often be inconsistent, unhealthy or even nonexistent.  It’s easy to blame the other person and/or yourself for failing to give you the experience you long for.  Yet, blame and guilt will always be counter-productive.

Your answer lies in growing your ability and capacity to make contact with your self.  Deeper, more conscious, more loving contact with your self.  This means being able to feel your self: recognize your emotions, recognize your response to your emotions, track the source of both your emotions and your response while staying present, loving and conscious throughout the whole process.

This is what contact means, or more accurately, the process of opening into contact.  It would be relatively simple if the territory holding most of your stored emotion wasn’t so highly defended.  In most cases, the default defense is unconsciousness.  Have you ever experienced feeling suddenly drowsy when beginning to talk about difficult issues?  Or maybe you’ve seen it happen to someone else.

I see it all the time in my trainings, especially.  I’ll start speaking about deep, subconscious patterns and suddenly heads are tipping over.  People literally start passing out, unable to stay conscious, i.e.- in contact, with old, difficult feelings stored in the body.

The greater the fear and/or judgment held on a past experience, the less likely your bodymind will allow you to stay present or conscious for that contact.  It’s the deeper realms of emotion tied to less than happy, or empowered, situations from the past that present the greatest challenges.

The answer? I thought you’d never ask.  Choosing to consciously embody Love.  This means shifting your body and mind by activating your physical heart.  The real skill is in learning how to stay in contact with the old fear-based sensations in your body while embodying Love.  The degree to which you are able to embody and sustain Loving presence determines the quality of your contact experience.

The result is expanding your capacity to be present for your own emotional experience without getting swept away, as well as your partner’s and anyone else.  This strengthens and deepens your capacity to be in contact with others while deepening your own Loving Presence.

This is the core of our journey into the new millennium.  Now is the time for humanity to leap forward by learning how to bring Love to where fear has ruled in the past and where Love is needed most in the present.  It is an expansion and embodiment of the Great Wisdom Teachings through all ages.  It is the fulfillment of incarnating Loving Awareness into Matter, a sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth, Divine Father and Divine Mother, via your own body.

This is the Core Awakening Journey, heart awakening journey, changing our world and reality by embodying Love at deeper and deeper levels.  It is liberation through unconditionally loving contact.  This is the most sacred application of the Law of Attraction, also known as the Law of Resonance and Law of One.

Much Love and ALOHA ~


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