Emotional Freedom

Emotional Balance

“Emotional freedom can mean different things to different people.

For some, it’s freedom from emotion.  For some it’s freedom of emotional expression.

For others, it’s the freedom of feeling empowered in the midst of whatever emotion is arising.”

~ Jitendra

“Emotional freedom” has become a very popular phrase. It’s a title for books, trademark for a technique and the aim of many a process.  Emotional freedom is promised in a variety of flavors and is being embraced for exploration by a growing contingent of hopeful hearts.

1. Some feel emotional freedom when they manage their emotions into a state of calm.

2. Some feel emotional freedom when they freely express whatever emotion is present in the moment, without restriction.

3. Others feel emotional freedom when they experience the flow of emotion as a dance, fluidly blending with, and digesting, whatever arises.

Every person’s emotional constitution is unique.

Ultimately, emotional freedom is reflected by an ever deepening continuity of loving connection with yourself and the moment-to-moment unfolding of life experience.

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