Buddha Under Bodhi Tree

“There is an overarching, underlying belief that awakening is a long, arduous attainment for but a select few.

There is also a phenomenon in consciousness that things tend to be as difficult as we make them.

Awakening to one’s true nature is not for a select few, it is everyone’s birthright and a natural developmental progression.

May I share a secret for you?  It’s closer and so much more accessible than you might have imagined.”

~ Jitendra

The frequency of awakening is increasing. The “veil” between worlds is getting thinner.  We are in a time where knowledge and insight can be sent and received around the planet in the blink of an eye without developing any special psychic powers.

Awakening is right here, right now.

It is a dance between believing it is possible and slowing down and knowing HOW to look.

There are as many flavors of awakening as there are people, so let go of measuring your experience against another person’s.  It will always be unique and perfect for you.

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