Jitendra has translated his personal awakening  journey into a resource for evolutionary learning and transformation.  Each program provides a deeper connection to a happy, fulfilling and purpose-filled life.  

Every day, more people are compelled to engage in social action and take a stand for a more just and sustainable way of living and being.  As an active steward of this evolutionary process, you already know that you must evolve yourself inwardly to match the change you wish to see in the world.  

What does it take to change for good?  Peak experiences, by their nature, don’t last.  They are windows and reference points for possibility.  What does it take to experience change that not only lasts, but continues to grow and evolve your entire life?  

It requires a clear understanding of the mechanisms that currently drive us, and the knowledge, tools, insight and wisdom to think, behave and be differently.

The Practice, Courses and Training form the backbone of an all-inclusive evolutionary program that leaves no aspect of you behind.  It honors and synergizes your most expanded essence with the densest expressions of your subconscious survival instinct.  

Jitendra’s meditations, Courses and Core Awakening Journey are all designed to spark, support and sustain this inner and outer change for evolutionaries.

The Practice

Open ALOHA Practice

ALOHA Practice is the core discipline of Core Awakening Journey. It is a complete practice in and of itself, integrating breath-body-emotion-heart-mind-spirit at one time.  It is used for deep sitting meditations as well as maintaining presence and coherence in the midst of any life activity.   More…



Embody the Change: An Introduction   Free Teleclass
Embody the Change   2 Day LIVE Sacred Journey
Core Initiation: Doorway to Restoring Dignity   TeleTraining
Coming soon…

A New Inner Economy: Restoring Dignity to Our Human Experience   (read the blog)

The Training


Core Awakening Journey is a modern mystery school synergizing ancient wisdom, new science, shamanic vision, breath and somatic process.  It unfolds in three movements designed to deepen and expand with each pass through the training spiral:

  1. Core Initiation
  2. Core Alignment
  3. Core Awakening