Coaching & Mentoring

Jitendra Darling

One-on-one coaching and mentoring programs greatly accelerate your personal and spiritual evolutionary process.  Increase your self awareness and capacity to remain present with your most difficult challenges.  There are three forms of personal sessions:

  • Coaching – strategic sessions [30+ minutes]
  • Depth Coaching – counseling [60+ minutes]
  • Mentoring – includes counseling, coaching and multi-day private and/or semi-private intensive retreats [year-long+ program]

Core Awakening coaching keeps your head, heart and body in alignment and on track with guidance and support for specific issues, questions and opportunities: day-to-day conflicts, challenges and opportunities in your job, business, relationship(s), children, career transitions, spiritual path, health, etc.

Coaching entrains you to a broader, empowered perspective that expands your internal capacity to navigate your life with more compassion, presence and insight.  It reinforces and strengthens evolutionary habits of thinking and relating to yourself and those around you to make your new skills and understanding second nature.

Core Awakening depth coaching is an integrated approach to personal and social transformation.  Jitendra’s gift lies in his ability to read the root causes of life-long patterns and teach clients how to change them with surprising grace and ease.

His practice synthesizes cognitive and somatic process work, his awakening perspective and shamanic practice, new science and a breathing technology developed over many decades of his personal journey and guiding others.

The natural result of this work is greater clarity and inner alignment, greater freedom to passionately pursue your life purpose, healthy and fulfilling relationships, creative expression and spiritual connection with your Self and trusted Source.

Individuals and Couples | Private counseling is conducted in-person, via phone and/or Skype

Core Awakening mentoring provides you with the greatest opportunity for deep transformation in the shortest time.

Jitendra spends intensive periods of one-on-one time, taking you rapidly to the core of precisely what makes your life run the way it does.  Integrate years of inner work in weeks.  You will understand and evolve how to relate to your Self in a completely new way that changes and empowers how you see, think and behave in your world.

Mentoring with Jitendra is rigorous and demanding of your honesty and courage.  It will accelerate you into deeper levels of awakened awareness and mastery.

Click here to request a mentoring application or to schedule an interview.  Due to its intensive nature, just a few mentoring applicants are accepted annually.

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