Jitendra consults with businesses and organizations, as well as communities at large, committed to demonstrating the values and will to advocate social responsibility while achieving their goals.

Jitendra Darling: Cultural Coherence

Competencies in relating and communication within an organization determines its efficiency and effectiveness to be agile, innovative and productive.  Teams habitually motivated by fear respond less creatively to challenges and chronically underperform.  In contrast, teams running on genuine respect and mutual appreciation of each individual’s value, significantly outpace fear-based environments in productivity and the flexibility to innovate in unpredictable scenarios.

Jitendra is dedicated to working with organizations that share an understanding of how change in social, economic, and environmental issues begins where we live and work.  Time is of the essence.

  • Clarify mission and purpose at respective levels of responsibility to the whole (organization/community/state/country/world)
  • Clarify individuals’ relationships to mission and purpose/Progressive Asset Mapping
  • Establish/restore cultural coherence
  • Values driven, authentic leadership
  • Resource balance and flow (assessments/corrections)
  • System/structure assessment
  • Governance assessment (dynamic/agile/whole awareness quotient)
  • Shared accountability for challenges/solutions (no-fault zones)
  • Build internal resource for conflict resolution
  • Develop internal interpersonal educational resources

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