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A New Inner Economy: Restoring Dignity to Our Human Experience

Birthing A New Inner Economy:
Restoring Dignity to Our Human Experience

Is there is a more relevant, or important, conversation to be had than one exploring economy?  Though we instantly associate money, we quickly diversify to resources and our planet, energy, food, shelter, water—and the more basic the requirement for subsistance, the conversation lands squarely on people, and ultimately, life itself. What about the people?  Where […]

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Great Wall of China

Clear Boundaries From the Inside Out

  “Healthy boundaries  take away unneeded stress in all relationships, intimate and professional. Hint: They’re not necessarily walls.” ~ Jitendra   Boundaries are often confusing territory. This is because they are initially established unconsciously. The first stage of recovering healthy boundaries usually involves setting clear and firm external limits with agreements and a firm ability […]

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“There is an overarching, underlying belief that awakening is a long, arduous attainment for but a select few. There is also a phenomenon in consciousness that things tend to be as difficult as we make them. Awakening to one’s true nature is not for a select few, it is everyone’s birthright and a natural developmental […]

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Emotional Balance

Emotional Freedom

“Emotional freedom can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s freedom from emotion.  For some it’s freedom of emotional expression. For others, it’s the freedom of feeling empowered in the midst of whatever emotion is arising.” ~ Jitendra “Emotional freedom” has become a very popular phrase. It’s a title for books, trademark for […]

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Inside the Law of Attraction

“One view of the Law of Attraction focuses on external outcomes.  It says that by creating a certain inner resonance you will attract an outer reality to match that resonance. The inside view of the Law of Attraction focuses on the inner state.  It notices that whatever is in your outer field of awareness is […]

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Jitendra and Pia

Got Contact? How touching…

“One of the greatest desires humans possess is the desire for connection. The secret to fulfilling this desire for connection has to do with the quality of contact you have with your self. What does “contact” with your self actually mean — and what is “quality” contact? ~ Jitendra Our human bodies are designed for […]

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“Is this co-dependence or compassion?”

 It’s not always obvious what the answer is. The difference lies not in the act of helping itself, but in the attitudes surrounding the act. When your desire to help mixes with a belief that someone isn’t capable without you, you enter the sticky world of co-dependence.” ~ Jitendra This question is one of the […]

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Relax into Intimacy

Intimacy can provide unmatched satisfaction and fulfillment in connection with others. Then why fear it? What is the cost of opening?  Is the risk real or imagined? What is this fear of Love at close range, actually? ’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. ~Alfred Lord Tennyson How […]

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Acceptance or Resignation: What’s the difference?

 “Some people confuse acceptance with resignation. Acceptance leaves your will intact, resignation leaves it behind. Resignation happens when you can’t find your choice in a matter—or believe no choice exists. Acceptance happens when you willingly choose to embrace a situation, knowing in your heart it is soul-directed for your highest good.”          ~ Jitendra I’m often […]

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Dalai Lama

There’s no such thing as a negative emotion.

The Universe is guided by a higher intelligence, a higher power. Because you cannot fathom a reason why, does not leave an event without meaning. This is always true of our human experiences.  Even the most random seeming acts are organized at a higher level though we may refute, refuse or simply fail to acknowledge […]

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