Dalai Lama

There’s no such thing as a negative emotion.

The Universe is guided by a higher intelligence, a higher power. Because you cannot fathom a reason why, does not leave an event without meaning. This is always true of our human experiences.  Even the most random seeming acts are organized at a higher level though we may refute, refuse or simply fail to acknowledge […]

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What is Integrity, actually?

Integrity is derived from the Latin word integer, meaning whole or complete. You are in integrity when you come from a place within yourself that reflects the whole of you, in alignment. This is challenging because there are so many dimensions of your self outside your conscious awareness.  You can’t align what you can’t perceive. […]

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Accelerating Your Inner Growth

In years past, acceleration would have meant exerting more energy and pressure to break through. Oh, the changes wisdom brings! Replace exertion with keen awareness of subtle movement and replace pressure with fineness of focus and breadth of understanding. All the while, transmuting youthful impatience into compassionate and knowing inner smiles. ~ Jitendra Is it […]

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Empowered Relationship: Part 1 Walking on Eggshells? How to get off the eggshells and start dancing!

  You’ve heard me say over and again, “Every relationship is founded on one…the one with your self.” What makes the relationship dance so fascinating, and challenging, is the process of understanding and clarifying the relationship with your self in the midst of your relationship with another. Two fundamental archetypal urges drive the human experience […]

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Heartrise on Gaia

Resurrecting Human Dignity

I am passionate within the Heart of Christ. I am saddened by the fears that, IN THE PAST, have polarized us.  I am no more a Christian than was Yeshua. I am a universal human presence of Divine Love. Somewhere deep in the fabric of our inextricable oneness we, IN THE PAST,  turned on ourselves.  […]

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Forgiveness Mandala

Sustainable Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not so much something that you do, though it takes conscious intent and effort. Forgiveness is an awakening into understanding the soul value of your experience. This can be terribly difficult when the experience was abuse. I know. It can be increasingly difficult if you were a child or physically disadvantaged in the […]

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Sita and Rama

Love r-evolution

Even though Pia and I are still celebrating Valentine’s Day each day…I HIGHLY recommend it…it’s time to head this blog anew. We were having an absolutely delightful conversation with new friends, Stephanie Roh and Doug Lagore, today on the topic of living love in real time.  They also are devoted to bringing Love forth for […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that seems to bring out the best in people. Have you noticed how extra consideration and kindness seem to make their way into thoughts and actions on this special day?  Everywhere you go, big red hearts point the way to what matters most. Why not keep the Love […]

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Earth Heart Speaks

Earth Speaks

As if hearing the Earth herself speak, the message I received was clear. If we are to survive on our planet, we must collectively open our eyes and senses to a never-before realized connection of love and respect for our embodied experience. The old paradigm of transcendent enlightenment is coming to a close.  The unconditional […]

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